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For over 6 years Romani Relief Project has been working hard to create a self-sustaining Romani Community to break the cycle of generational poverty and hopelessness.

Romani Relief Project provides many needs to the Roma (gypsy) Community through the funding we received from generous donors. Besides providing local support for basic need such as food, clothing, medical attention and education, we have also traveled to Romania to meet them directly numerous times. During these trips we sit and pray with these hurting families and to grow their faith in Christ. A simple act of remembering their name lets them know that they are human and they do have value.

These children are eager to learn. Yet a lot of people don't realize just how strict and unforgiving Romanian schools are when it comes to children, especially the Roma kids. The discrimination is sickening, but they continue to find a way to “justify” it.

If a child does not have all of their school materials, the teachers send them home.

If a child smells bad, or is not wearing clean uniforms, they are sent home. 

Worst of all, if a child cannot make it to school enough days because they can’t meet these arbitrary demands, they are deemed dropouts and cannot return.

You can see how these are very big issues when you don't have running water or food. We already know that it is mentally impossible to process through the decision of being hungry now, and the benefits an education can bring later.  No human should have to make that choice anyway; especially not a child. 

There are over 100 children coming from 4 different villages that we provide with the necessary school supplies. We have 23 students who are eligible for high school and 7 children who have already tested and been accepted into a boarding school in Cluj.  There is not a high school in any of the local villages so all the older students must take public transportation to the city school. Often this cost more by itself than the family’s total income. Transportation, school supplies, and uniforms are just some of the items we provide to help educate the upcoming generation.   

These kids are not just numbers. We know their names and faces, their stories, biggest fears and life goals.  Our team has read with them, played games with them, and challenged each of them personally.  We have seen the hopelessness in their parent’s eyes and decided something must change.  Someone needs to stand up for these people.  Education is the only way these kids will be able to break the cycle and make a difference with their lives.  We don’t want to give anyone a “legal” reason to exclude them from getting their education, so Romani Relief Project is doing everything we can to make sure their basic needs are met.

Romani Relief Project is a completely volunteer 501(c)3 Public Charity organization supported by generous corporate and private citizens such as you. All donations go directly towards supporting the Romani families and are tax deductible to the limit allowed by law.

We are so grateful for your consideration to donate to our cause and make an impact on these lives forever. To become a sponsor and or make a donation please CLICK HERE or the SPONSOR NOW button below. Thank you in advance for your support. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you so much for your time, and we hope to see you on May 4th!


Sponsor a child for $35 per month or sponsor an entire family of 4 for $100 per month. Opportunities for one time gifts or a lifetime sponsorship are available.


Mission Teams

Join our mission team. We travel to Romania at least once per year to provide services. The focus varies from year to year but one thing is certain, it is always life changing! 

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We work to provide educational opportunities for children and adults. We provide school supplies for more than 80 village children and transportation for high school students who must travel to another city.

Photography courtesy of Minnette Demafiles Photography, Jason Short and others.